Mounting your flatscreen TV

Example of a clean TV wall mount

Example of a clean mount – No wires visible

Do you like the idea of having your brand new TV hung in that perfect spot in the center of your room? Should I do it myself or call a local Chico handyman to help me with such a project? Before you take on a project like that, there are some important things to take into consideration before embarking on your journey.

Access to power, cable, and internet

Example of a low profile TV box that goes behind a TV when mounting it

Example of a low profile TV box that goes behind a TV when mounting it

What good is a flatscreen TV if you can’t binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix? Having access to power and cable is an important consideration before you start poking holes in your wall.

Some people are ok with having extension cords and cables visible, while others would lose their mind if their TV didn’t look like it was a standalone device with no wires attached. It all depends on personal preference. Decide what is important to you and make sure you have the resources you need for the TV either directly behind the location that the TV will be mounted, or in close proximity to the TV so you can use extension cords and cables to power your device.

Attaching your TV to the wall

Swivel style mount for a wall mount TV.

Wall mounts come in several different styles – This one allows you to move your TV if you want to watch it from a different angle.

The next step you’ll want to consider is how you’re planning on fastening the TV mount to the wall. There are a few different ways, but one method is recommended above the others and that would be fastening your mount to the studs in the wall.

Some kits you can buy have anchors or toggle bolts that allow you to fasten your TV mount directly to the wall. While this can and has worked for some, it isn’t the recommended method. Drywall isn’t structurally as sound as the studs that are part of the framing of the home. If mounted to a weak piece of drywall or if the fasteners aren’t used properly, the result can be a hole in the wall along with a broken TV on the ground!


Having the right tools can be helpful to completing this job. Drywall cutting tools, a studfinder, electrical and Ethernet termination tools are all required for this job. If you don’t have the correct tools, it is highly recommended that you purchase the correct ones for the job to avoid doing unnecessary damage to your home.

Recruit Professional Assistance

If you’re not comfortable mounting your TV, don’t have the time, or have started and found that you are a bit overwhelmed by the process, contact Apex Handyman Service for professional assistance in completing your project. We will gladly help you turn your vision into a reality!