Doors, like everything else in a home, over time will suffer the effects of wear and tear, warping, settling, cracking and other age related issues. Apex Handyman Service has compiled a list of common door related issues that should be addressed to ensure maximum functionality of this critical component of your home. This isn’t intended to be a DIY guide, but will serve as an aide to help you identify problems and to get an idea of what it takes to fix it.

Drafts around a door

New weatherstripping added to a door jamb

New weatherstripping can improve the efficiency of your home.

Air can enter your home through this common door issue. The main culprit is usually worn weather stripping. Luckily there’s an easy fix: replace worn weather stripping and your door sweep. This fix will ensure that costly conditioned air will stay in your home and unwanted air stays out.

Sagging & sticking doors

Examples of doors out of plumb

What sagging & out of plumb doors look like

Another common problem is sagging and sticking doors. This problem could be caused by several factors. Older homes will sometimes settle over time, causing your door jamb to move which makes it become out of plumb. There are a couple of ways to tackle this problem. The first, and easiest fix, would be to take out the screws from the hinges that are the culprit and replace them with longer 3” screws. This draws the door jamb into the frame and will sometimes be all you need to repair a slightly saggy door.

If the problem is worse and the door is actually sticking or not closing due to the severity of the problem, sometimes you will have to take the door off and plane the side that is sticking in order to allow it to fit within the borders of the jamb.

Door won’t stay latched

Strike plate being adjusted to fix door latching problem

Sometimes a minor adjustment of your strike plate is all it takes to fix a door problem.

Sometimes doors just won’t stay latched. This can be annoying, especially if the problem is on an exterior door and latching properly is essential for security purposes. This is usually caused by a sagging door, but if that’s not the case then the strike plate may need to be adjusted slightly to allow the latch to fit into the opening of the plate properly.

Door that won’t stay open

Sometimes when a door becomes out of plumb, it will swing open freely and still close, but will not stay open. A lot of times homeowners will just ignore this problem due to the fact that doors are supposed to close anyways, but sometimes there are reasons for wanting to leave a door open. Say for example it’s a nice sunny day and you’d like to let some fresh air in through the screen door. In this case what you’d want to do is identify the hinge that needs to be shimmed, usually the bottom one, and insert a small shim behind the hinge to correct the issue. Unless the door is severely out of plumb, this should fix this minor annoyance.

This should help you identify some of the common problems with your doors. If you’re in the Chico, CA area and you’re dealing with any of these problems and would like to have them fixed, contact Apex Handyman Service and we can get your door back to where it should be.