Fencing can come in many different styles, with each one having different characteristics that should be taken into consideration when deciding when to repair or replace. Apex Handyman Service in Chico, CA will gladly guide you in determining how to go about repairing, replacing, or maintaining a damaged or weathered section of fence on your property.

Natural (wood) fencing

Rotten base of a fence post

Example of a rotten fence post

Wood is probably the most common type of fencing that’s out there. Like anything else made of wood, the elements can take a toll causing damage both internally and externally. Damaged fence posts are a common problem with wood fences due to the fact that they bear the weight of the structure itself. If the posts begin to rot, it’s not long before the integrity of the fence will become compromised and will need to be repaired or replaced.

Smaller boards on the fence can also become damaged, which won’t necessarily cause serious problems like a rotten post would, but it can lead to holes, missing sections of board, or discoloration. If your fence is primarily used for containing animals within an enclosed space, damaged sections should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent your pet from escaping the enclosure.

Vinyl fencing

Damage vinyl fence post

Damage to vinyl fencing is not as easily repaired as wood

This type of fencing is great because it is somewhat resistant to the elements and requires very little maintenance. While these types of fences are convenient, they aren’t totally problem free. Cracks from fencing that becomes brittle from prolonged exposure to the elements can occur. Unlike wood fences, these damaged sections can be more difficult to deal with because often times it is difficult to find individual pieces of the fence and an entire section of fencing may have to be replaced rather than just a damaged piece. Also over time this style of fencing can fade and there aren’t many options make this style of fence look new again.

Maintenance and repair of your fencing

Broken fence that hasn't been properly maintained

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

With proper maintenance and repair, the lifespan of a fence can be like that of a roof (20+ years). Periodic sealing or painting of your wood fence will extend the life of your fence and save you from costly repair or replacement. Keeping your vinyl fencing clean by periodic washing & cleaning can reduce the chances of staining from mildew and other contaminants.

If you’re experiencing problems with your fence, or you would just like to have periodic maintenance performed to keep your fencing in great condition, Apex Handyman Service can help. Contact us today with any questions or requests.