Looking to save money, extend your hot water usage ability, and help the environment? Apex Handyman Service out of Chico, CA can help you meet all of these goals through installation of low-flow fixtures.

Water usage

Typically the average person in the U.S. uses approximately 80-100 gallons of water daily. The two largest contributors to this water usage is first toilets followed closely by showers and baths. There are also other contributors such as tooth brushing, hand washing, dish washing, clothes washing, and lawn watering. There are many ways to make each of these activities more efficient, but showering and toilet flushing are to large contributors to our water usage that can’t be easily controlled without some sort of low-flow device.

Low-flow shower heads

illustration of water consumption during a shower

Most of us underestimate the quantity we actually use.

With older style shower heads, you can expect to use around 5 gallons per minute during a standard shower period. There are 2 types of low-flow shower heads that can cut that rate in half:

Laminar-flow shower heads constrict the water flow of the shower head into smaller streams reducing the output of water.

Aerating shower heads mix air into the water which converts the water streams from steady streams to more of a misty type spray. This type of shower head produces a more humid environment with its use, so if you don’t have good ventilation in your bathroom, it might not be a good idea to use this style due to the resulting moisture this style will produce.

Either one of these options can drastically reduce your water consumption resulting in both water and energy savings.

Low-flow toilets

Toilet flushing money

Toilets aren’t supposed to drain your wallet!

Toilets account for another large quantity of water in the average American household, with estimates sitting at around 30% of total water consumption. Older toilets can use as much as 3-6 gallons per flush! It’s no wonder toilets

are such a drain on our water resources. Luckily for us, new toilets have been federally mandated to use half of what older toilets use – 1.6 gallons per flush max. While initially these toilets can seem costly, the long term savings for metered households coupled with the fact that you’ll be helping conserve water in a water depleted area like Chico, it’s a win-win.

While these strategies aren’t a totally comprehensive plan to save the maximum amount of water in a household, they will both make a significant dent. If you’re interested in having either one of these items mentioned above installed, give Apex Handyman Service a call, we’d be glad to help!